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Fragrance Chart

Habersham Home Fragrance

Fragrance Descriptions for all Wax Pottery products:

*New Fragrances

AMERICAN BAYBERRY: According to legend, Bayberry brings good luck and prosperity to your home through the year.  Wonderful blend of cedar wood, oak moss and earthy bayberries, this one is woodsy and fresh!  The fragrance of an American Tradition.

*APPLE BRANDY: Distilled apple cider dusted with cinnamon spice and a twist of citrus.  Raise a toast any time with this heady fragrance!

*BITTERSWEET: Enjoy an autumn walk with notes of warm amber, musk and sycamore wood melded beautifully with earthy sage.  The Bittersweet is in Bloom!

BUTTERFLY GARDEN: Butterfly fresh and naturally appealing; this infusion of leafy green basil is perfectly complimented with sweet notes of sage, chopped parsley and thyme. A touch of cedar wood and a shimmer of lemon grass completes this garden fresh fragrance.

CHERRY BLOSSOM: A gentle spring breeze ruffles the blossoms on the cherry tree branches. The air fills with petals, like rain, and then, carpet the ground. This is a soft and gentle spring fragrance. A fresh air accord blends with sweet notes of citrus, apple and cherry melded perfectly with a hint of precious sandalwood and vanilla musk.

CINNAMON BARK:  Spicy fragrances of cinnamon bark and clove are crushed into a woodsy green base of fir, balsam, spruce and pine needles.  A naturally perfect blend of spicy and green!

CRANBERRY SPICE:  Gentle fruit notes of ripe cranberry, Concord grape, sweet orange and cherry, weave through a spicy blend of cinnamon stick and crushed cloves.

ECO AIRE (Odor Neutralizer): DeoEssence® Fragrance Technology on the cutting edge.  Developed to bond with unpleasant odors and leave behind a powerful message of fresh outdoor air.  Enticing scents of crisp frosted ozone infused with wild herbs and cool transparent musk, fresh and clean, Eco Aire.

EVERGREEN: Essences of juniper, pine, balsam and fir softened with just a touch of sweet cedar wood.
FREEDOM: A mouth watering fragrance of fresh baked crust, mingling perfectly with notes of granny smith apple, cinnamon, cloves and sweet brown sugar, instantly takes you home, where Mom's fresh baked apple pie is just out of the oven.
Home! America! Freedom!

GEORGIA PEACH BLOSSOM: Bright fruity bouquet reminiscent of fresh cut peaches accented with sweet juicy pears at their peak are highlighted with jasmine notes and supported with deep undertones of musk.

GARDEN VANILLA: Soft floral notes of lily and rose waft beneath a sweet creamy vanilla base. A garden fresh experience!

GARDENIA WATER LILY: Essence of fresh gardenia blossom floats in a gentle watery accord, blending seamlessly with the tranquility and calm of water lily, white jasmine and notes of leafy green fern and oak moss. Capture the reflective peace of visiting a Spa by the Sea.

HABERSHAM SAGE: Natural essences of garden sage and purple basil are enhanced with notes of rosemary, white sage and thyme.  Herbaceous and woody this fragrance is a perennial favorite.

HARVEST HOME: Essence of spice, cinnamon clove and nutmeg, blend perfectly with just a touch of rose and sweet vanilla musk. Bring home the scent of harvest!

HYDRANGEA: Hydrangea blossom, carnation, and rose are perfectly blended with a sweet bouquet of meadow wildflowers.
Sweet floral confection!

LAVENDER AND CHAMOMILE: This calming infusion of French lavender and chamomile blossoms is beautifully grounded with just a touch of citrus, rose petal and clove.

LILAC BLOSSOM: Heady fragrance of lilac petals in full bloom, a touch of spice and a note of sun-drenched leafy greens complete this floral story.  Imagine, a few moments of sweet respite, "Under the Lilacs!"

MAGNOLIA: The heady scent of fresh magnolia blossom is infused with a hint of lemon zest. One true fragrance of the South!   

MAHOGANY APPLE: Deliciously fragrant, this fruity mix of ripe crisp apples, tart pears and a hint of citrus is grounded with an earthy blend of vetiver grass, cedar wood oak moss and patchouli. Reconnect to the world of nature.
PINK GRAPEFRUIT AND PATCHOULI: Gently awaken your senses with a touch of sweet morning sunshine. Rejuvenate and remember, with this effervescent blend of grapefruit zest, lemon verbena and a touch of sweet citrus orange gently grounded with notes of earthy patchouli and cardamom.

*RADIANT ORCHID: (Pantone color of the year 2014.)
The Smell of a Color?
Breathe deeply and be transported to your own exotic destination with this vibrant tropical blend of flowering red ginger and orchid blossoms grounded with amber crystals and rare oud wood.

SEASCAPE: Ozone, sea salt and water musk mingle with a touch of sea lavender and orange flower. This fragrance will send you on a sensory journey to the Beach!

SPARKLING WINTER MINT: Sweet fragrance of mint candies gently dusted with a touch of creamy vanilla snow.  The familiar words of C. Clement Moore tell the story best…"The children were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads…. Happy Christmas to all!"   

SWEET BUTTERFLY: This sweet floral fragrance is reminiscent of a child's chubby fist clutching a fresh picked wildflower bouquet, just kissed by butterfly wings…For You!   

SUNFLOWER LEMON VANILLA: Sun warmed, notes of crisp lemon are sweetly softened with warm vanilla. Invigorating and gently soothing an ultimate comfort experience.
THE GIFT: This fragrance is a blend of the finest natural essential oils, Frankincense and Myrrh.
Rich, exotic, the ultimate Gift!

URBAN LOFT: Sophisticated and sensual, this heady blend of spiced bergamot, crushed lavender and aromatic cinnamon, weaves perfectly into the smooth richness of warm brushed leather and crisp tobacco leaf grounded with just a touch of dewy oak moss.

VIRTUAL ROSE: Lush, fresh and pure, experience the fragrance of a dew kissed iceberg rose embraced with watery notes of tender muget and shimmering with a sprinkling of marine green and glistening aldehyde.  Smell like a fresh cut rose from a dewy garden.

*WAY DOWN SOUTH (Clean Cotton): The sun beams down, the cotton boils ripen and burst open in the fields as the laundry gently waves in the fresh summer breeze.
Experience clean fresh air and sun warmed cotton.

WHITE COPPER: The elegant essence of this tranquil woodland bouquet will take you to exotic and far-away places. Opening with refreshing eucalyptus and Notes of orange melded with lily, rose and ylang, this fragrance travels far with a warm infusion of patchouli, musk, sandalwood and amber.  Enjoy the trip!

WHITE TEA AND CITRUS: Clean, fresh and invigorating! This fragrance blends Kaffir lime leaves, citrus blossom and clean white tea.  Refresh and Energize!

WINTER GARDEN: Crisp, fresh, ozone blended with a bit of cedar wood and evergreen.  Brings to mind a walk in the woods on a
cold winter day!