Wax Pottery GEO

Habersham GEO Painted Desert Collection

Amazingly life like succulents in a highly scented square wax container.  A new fantastic addition to the popular Wax Pottery line up by Habersham Candle Company. No watering needed as the succulents are artificial. The scented square wax bowls release fragrance with out the need of an open flame. The GEO Painted Desert succulent square bowls come in six fragrances and are packed in a pretty gift box. Ready for a perfect gift.

Wax Pottery GEO – On sale $17.99 

Plus add a square base for only $1.99

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Perfect Bases for the GEO:

Wax Pottery Habersham GEO Painted Desert Fragrance Collection.

Sometimes simply called Wax Pottery Squared! The newest invention by Habersham Candle Co. So realistic looking succulents in a highly scented square wax container. Pleasing to the eye and senses. Fantastic new addition to the popular Wax Pottery line. Combine your Square Wax Pottery with one of our bases to make the perfect gift. Keep in mind that wax can stain furniture, so do put them on a appropriate candle base or plate. We feature square glass plates or tumbled rock slabs as a perfect complementing base for the Habersham GEO Collection.