Wax Pottery Bowls 7"

Wax Pottery Bowls – Best Price

On Sale, only $19.50 for the regular 7 in wax pottery bowls with gift box. Add a stand for $1.99. Still only $21.49 with the popular wire stand. But if you have a stand already, why purchase another one?

When you get your wax pottery bowls from waxpottery.com, you decide if and what kind of holder or stand you want to purchase at the lowest price possible. Create the perfect display with our Wax Pottery Accessories.

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Wax Pottery Bowls or Wax Pottery Vessels serve as very nice scented display pieces and act as pleasant room Air Freshener. The Habersham Wax Pottery bowls look great on a book shelf or mantle piece. Enjoy the beauty and the pleasant scent they release. Please choose among all the styles and flavors. I am sure you will find your personal favorite!

Wax Pottery Bowls are part of the Wax Pottery line by Habersham Candle Company. Each wax pottery bowl is exclusively handmade in the USA. American made craft at it’s best. Made from scented wax and beautiful potpourri with natural essence from flora and fauna. They are designed to release the fragrance of a candle without the need of an open flame!

Because all wax pottery vessels are completely made by hand from start to finish, they vary in look every single time.

The highly scented wax bowls can be used as an air freshener in any room and can also serve as a very nice display piece. Great on a book shelf or mantle!

The comforting scent makes a fragrant, tasteful gift for just about anyone and comes beautifully packaged in a nice gift box with a clear top so you can see the beautiful design.

Many retirement homes or hospitals  won’t allow candles and these flameless home fragrance products from Habersham Candle Company are a great alternative. Great scent release without the need and risks of an open flame.