Wax Pottery Spheres 4"

Wax Pottery Spheres

Fragrant, nicely scented Wax Pottery Spheres with inlays from flora and fauna make these spheres a great personal space room freshener. The Wax Pottery Spheres are nice to look at and pleasant to the senses. This is NOT a candle and has NO wick. They are decorative and disburse scent without the need of a open flame. Spheres are most effective in smaller spaces. Every Wax Pottery Sphere comes packaged in a cellophane bag with a nice ribbon tied around the top. When you get your Wax Pottery Spheres from waxpottery.com, you decide if and what kind of holder or stand you want to purchase. Create the perfect display with our Wax Pottery Accessories.

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Wax Pottery spheres are wonderful for a small personal space. Spheres are not not as strong in fragrance release as our larger vessels as the surface area is smaller. Perfect for people that are looking for a less bold scent. The perception of scent is very personal and varies by fragrance. Rest assured, always the same amount of fragrance is going into each product. Fragrance will diminish over time but the looks of the product will last a lot longer. We hope you enjoy the Habersham Wax Pottery Spheres.